Services in Bulgaria

  • We take care of all procedures and necessary paperwork for you to startup, relocate and expand your company in Bulgaria
  • We can accompany you in Bulgaria for legal services and consultation
  • Due to our office being situated in Alexandroupolis, only 11/2 hour from the Bulgarian borders, we can assist you or your lawyers in legal matters
  • We provide top - notch Real Estate advice 
  • Interpretation - Translation

Other Services

  • Criminal Law-Narcotics
  • Indebted Households-Bankruptcy
  • Copyrights
  • Establishment of Companies-Associations-Clubs
  • Transactions-Donations
  • Labour Law
  • Divorces-Custodies
  • Inheritance
  • Traffic Accidents-Compensations
  • Rentals-Loans
  • Internet Electronic Crime
  • Real Estate
  • Translations-Interpretations
  • Negotiations-Arbitrations
  • Legal advices for musicians and event makers